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100 SHIRTS - JERZEE Dri-Power® 50/50 T-Shirt - Up to 2 Color Front
200 STICKERS - 2"x2" Circular or Square Full Color Digital Print
100 BUTTONS - 2.25" Round Standard Pinback Button
200 POSTERS - 11"x17" Full Color 100# Gloss or 70# Matte Finish

You've paid your dues at the bars and the clubs it's time to hit the road and go on tour! Bands pour their heart and soul into their performances but once they leave that stage they better have the merch ready for new fans to purchase and spread the word while emotions are high. Merch is what your fans want to take home, it gets new strings and drum sticks on the stage and keeps gas in the van to make it to the next gig. Merch is not only a money maker its the main way to show your an established band and spread the word about your music from raving fans wearing your t-shirts, hats, hoodies and other merch with your logo or album art on them.